ur Global coverage has enabled us to develop unequalled strength in our real estate services operations, with offices in Mississauga, Edmonton, Winnipeg,Toronto, Lagos, Johanesburg and London. Consistently high tenant satisfaction across our managed portfolio allows us to reduce turnover costs and generate higher returns for property owners and investors.


We have a long history of developing quality buildings of lasting value, with a legacy of landmark projects constructed across many continents, we have developed various real estate projects across the globe. All projects were substantially completed on time and on budget.

Our development expertise encompasses high-rise office towers, business parks, multi-family residential, retail and mixed-use properties, as well as industrial facilities. Services are offered individually or as an integrated package, ranging from initial development assessment through feasibility and financial analysis to design development and, often, to all aspects of development and construction management. In executing development projects, our extensive local market knowledge is leveraged by national relationships that effectively enhance our buying power. Organization-wide standards and procedures in all key areas of the development process ensure that Sagewise Wealth consistently adheres to industry best practices.

Commercial & Residential Property Management

Our property management capabilities are comprehensive, encompassing tenant service and retention programs, revenue enhancement, cost control, preventative maintenance, security and life safety, risk and environmental management, full-service accounting, reporting and banking, and management of capital programs.

The implementation of innovative tenant service initiatives and organization-wide best practices are supported by our dedicated national real estate services team, assuring high levels of tenant satisfaction.National purchasing programs help to lower costs and allow us to deliver economies of scale to owners and tenants. Capital planning and maintenance are designed to extend the life of building systems, thereby preserving the value of our clients’ assets. Strong promotional programs at our retail properties keep managed shopping centres top-of-mind with consumers, driving increased tenant sales and market share.


We have a long-standing track record for attracting and retaining high quality tenants. Sagewise Wealth leasing teams work closely with property managers, building owners and tenants to manage all aspects of vacant space and renewal leasing, new tenant coordination and lease administration.

Our broad market share and high level of transaction activity results in superior market intelligence and advantageous leasing decisions. Knowledge of a major markets, we are able to instantly identify and respond to emerging opportunities.

All of our clients benefit from our established relationships with local tenants and overseas clients